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Rajamouli Silent On JP's Attack

Rajamouli Silent On JP's Attack

S S Rajamouli is one man who conveys a lot of emotion through his films and even offscreen, he tends to voice out his opinions strongly through his social media profile on certain issues.

In that course, there were a few times when Rajamouli was advocating the initiatives of the Lok Satta Party chief Jayaprakash Narayan.

However, it appears that the tough taskmaster prefers to remain silent on one issue, this is the attack which took place on JP at Delhi.

A group of Telangana lawyers surrounded JP and one of them had the audacity to catch hold of his collar. It was JP’s decency that he didn’t react to it but that’s the savage and illiterate behavior of a ‘lawyer’.

While this has rubbed many on the wrong side, few are also asking why there is no reaction from Rajamouli regarding this incident.

As it is, Rajamouli is an official member of the party so it does become a moral responsibility on him to respond somewhere.

Well, only Rajamouli has to answer this one.



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