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Radhika Apte trouble for Rajnikanth

Radhika Apte trouble for Rajnikanth

One wrong move and the social media is ever ready to troll you. This is more so with celebrities, particularly those in the business of movies.

The Bigger the celebrity, greater the trolling would be. Raking up controversies on the Face Book and Twitter has become the norm for many and the celebrities have no option but to put up with this.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte's innocent post is now proving to be a big headache for super star Rajnikanth. 

How did Radhika put Rajni in a fix? Simple she was in Malaysia exactly while Rajni is shooting there for his latest flick Kabali.

She met Rajni and took some pics. Rajni has been in Malaysia for quite a few days due to the shooting. Even when Chennai is ravaged by unprecedented floods, he was in Malaysia. On hearing about the devastation, he immediately announced his donation. 

So far so good. Radhika, who naturally was excited to meet the super star, posted the pics on the social media.

Though there was nothing wrong with the pic, the timing of the posting was awfully bad as Chennai was reeling under floods and most film stars were busy helping the victims. And what is worse, Rajni, Radhika pics went viral exactly during this time.

This was enough for some to slam Rajni on the social media, saying that he was busy taking pics with beauties, while Chennai was in trouble.

Rajni's rivals are using this to get back at the super star. Radhika, didn't however give any details of when was the pic taken. This has become a  headache. Poor Rajni can do nothing for now except doing what he is already doing.



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