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Raasi Is Struggling For Charan!

Ram Charan Teja has teamed up with director Sukumar to do a film which has a village background belonging to a particular period. However, heroine has not yet been finalised for the film.

It is learnt Sukumar considered Raasi Khanna for the role and did a photo-shoot of her for the screen test. And he is learnt to have told her that she had to lose at least eight kg of weight, if she has to suit the personality of Charan, who has a lean and fit physique.

Though he has not confirmed the offer, he reportedly told Raasi that he would do the screen test again after she loses her weight and if it is okay, she would get the offer.

Though it is an unconfirmed offer, Raasi knows her level will go up, if she plays the heroine role besides Ram Charan Teja. And she does not want to lose this chance. So, she is going all out to shed her weight by regularly going to gym for four hours a day.

Since Sukumar has not given her much time, she is adopting natural methods as well to become slim and everybody is appreciating her dedication and efforts.

It remains to be seen whether Raasi would finally bag the chance to romance with Charan, despite all her struggles!



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