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Puri's Satire On Balayya?

Puri Jagannadh made some comments during the audio release function of Paisa Vasool. Now, on the face of it, they appear innocent, but one cannot help wondering if Puri made satirical comments on Balakrishna.

"Other heroes need bouncers for security, but Balayya can take care of himself," he said amidst applause.

Not stopping there he added that fans loved being hit by their favourite hero.

He said Balayya and his fans shared a unique love story. Since the recent slapping incident by Balakrishna has made national headlines, Puri's comments did sound timely.

The humour did not stop there. Balayya's fans' slogan 'coca cola pepsi, Balayya babu sexy' has been subject to trolling. Puri praised Balakrishna using the same on stage.

One could not make out if he was making fun of him or if he was serious. Balayya was seen moving uncomfortably in his chair as Puri continued with his speech.

Meanwhile, there is another problem. Balayya's fans expected some heavy-duty dialogues from Puri. However, dialogues in the trailer are terribly assuming and they are providing loads of entertainment to his anti-fans. Now his fans are a worried lot.

If the trailer is loaded with such dialogues, one can only imagine what Puri will churn out in a full-length movie.

So, Balayya's hard-core fans are scared.



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