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Public Talk: Fidaa Gets 'Clean' Chit

Public Talk: Fidaa Gets 'Clean' Chit

Fidaa has released and is being seen as a comeback film of Shekhar Kammula of sorts.

There has been a lot of pre-release hype for the film, though not exactly for mega hero Varun Tej, but for the coming together of Dil Raju, Shekhar Kammula and Sai Pallavi, who became a teen sensation since her Malayalam film Premam hit the screens.

Shekhar Kammula makes a film completely revolving around the leading lady and the audiences seem to have liked the idea.

On day one, it is Sai Pallavi who has been getting rave reviews from the audiences for her perfect comic timing and her beautiful Telangana dialect.

As for Kammula's direction, most of the audiences feel Fidaa is a clean story, much like all his films. However, like his films, the second half is where they feel Kammula lost his pacing.

The film's story is set in a village, replete with wedding sequences which have been oft repeated in many many films in the past.

So, while the audience don't get anything new there, Kammula makes an effort to show the US in a new light and that works with some sections of the audience.

In all, critics apart, the audiences give a huge thumbs up for Sai Pallavi, a 50-50 for Shekhar Kammula and a below average score for producer Dil Raju.

In fact, some audiences feel that the Midas touch producer is slowly losing his mark as was seen in case of DJ and now with Fidaa, which while being clean has nothing new to offer.



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