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Producers Worry About Sunil's Market!

Sunil's recent movie 'Eedu Gold Ehe' tanked at box-office miserably. Before that 'Jakkanna' was just an average grosser. In the last three years, Sunil has not delivered a single hit that made distributors and producers happy.

Still Sunil has two movies on the sets - a film in the direction of Kranthi Madhav and a movie with director N Shankar.

Director N Shankar, popular for movies like "Jayam Manadhera", "Sri Ramulayya" and "Jai Bolo Telangana", recently announced a movie with Sunil as hero.

He bought the remake rights of Malayalam blockbuster "Two Countries" and launched the movie with Sunil as hero but gossip is that he is now planning to cut down the budget as Sunil's market has come down drastically.

Similarly, producer Parachuri Prasad who is producing "Ungarala Rambabu" in the direction of acclaimed director Kranthi Madhav is also worrying about the business of this movie.

Sunil earlier used to have a decent business of Rs 15 to Rs 20 Cr but now his movies are not even collecting Rs 12 Cr share.



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