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Producer's Unnecessary Talk On Media

Be it a politician or a film actor or a producer, one should be very careful while talking about others at the public events.

Today, while sharing his experiences about Shankar’s ‘I’, producer NV Prasad made a controversial statement on the media.

He said, “I request media to concentrate more on piracy than the ratings (Reviews). We are not in America and it is better if they can support us with regards to piracy”.

Well, at the time of ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ piracy issue, it was the same media which stood up in support to BVSN Prasad and his film.

Every single media person felt that they should help the producer and his team, and have done their best to support the film.

Understood that piracy is the major concern for the filmmakers, but they should also know the fact that the same media is reporting about the piracy and helping the police to catch the culprits. 

It is the duty of a journalist to report about the film and analysing a movie is no crime.

When a film is bad, media say that it is bad and at the same time, when it is good, entire media supports the film.

Picking on media and suggesting them to stop reviewing the films might do no good for any film.

Instead, if the same filmmaker can concentrate on the script and control the remunerations of star heroes & directors, producers can earn profits and distributors doesn’t need to face the heat every time.



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