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Producer Loses Rs 4 Crore?

Producer Loses Rs 4 Crore?

If there is a question about who the luckiest person in industry is, then many would instantly say it is Dil Raju.

The producer indeed has Midas touch. But this year started off on a bad note with Namo Venkatesa for him.

He did manage to make money with Setamanam Bhavathi and Nenu Local. Though DJ is a flop, talk is that Dil Raju made money by selling off the film. So, finally, he managed a plus on the balance sheet.

However, once again, he lost out with Gautam Nanda and Darsakudu, both of which he distributed.

He had bought Gautam Nanda for Rs 5.5 crore and given the film's performance at the BO, it is said that Dil Raju will lose about Rs 4 crores. Though the loss will be less if there is minimum guarantee, inside talk is that there is none.

Similarly, Darsakudu has had dull openings and the film has got a negative talk. While the amount invested is rather less, recovery will be a problem say trade analysts.

Next week sees the release of Jaya Janaki Nayaka and Lie. Now it remains to be seen how the films will fare at the box-office.

Dil Raju is releasing Jai Janaki Nayaka and he has a share in Nizam for Lie. So, where he is making money as a producer, he is losing out as a distributor... hence, ironing out his profits.



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