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Pro-TDP Film-makers Angry With Gunasekhar!

It is a known fact that the Telugu film industry predominantly favours Telugu Desam Party.

Majority of the Tollywood stars and producers belong to the Kamma community that makes up Telugu Desam, as their party was established by late NT Ramarao and is currently headed by Chandrababu Naidu, both Kamma leaders.

With Gunasekhar exposing how the jury members fudged the Nandi Awards and favoured those talented from the Kamma community, Telugu Desam party and Nandamuri Balakrishna were projected in a bad light. Balayya's name has been completely tarnished.

Now, everyone is openly criticizing that Andhra Pradesh government has made the awards as 'caste' awards. With media widely reporting the same and Gunasekhar getting wide support on social media, the pro-TDP celebrities in Tollywood are cornered.

Strong buzz in the industry is that some powerful producers who are close to TDP and Balakrishna have decided to boycott Gunasekhar. It will be done in a clandestine manner. No one will utter a word against him, but the powerful producers will not give him offers. 



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