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Priyanka Trolled For Not Wearing Sari On Independence Day

It seems like Priyanka Chopra will have to resign herself to being roundly trolled no matter what she wears - for the second time in months, the 35-year-old actress has been derided online for her choice of outfit, worn this time in a boomerang video she posted on Independence Day.

Priyanka, who was in the US on August 15, wore a tricolour dupatta with her T-shirt in the video - this has been received with disfavour by a section of her Instagram followers who accused her of disrespecting the flag, told her she should have worn more traditional clothing, and suggested she remain in the US instead of coming home.

"Please don't return to India again," Priyanka Chopra was told in the comments.

"Don't you have a salwar-kameez for this occasion?" asked one follower. How about a sari, said another - "At least on this auspicious day, you were expected in a sari." Priyanka is currently Mumbai-bound, as she revealed in a new Instagram post.

On August 15, Priyanka Chopra shared the video with tags like "MyHeartBelongsToIndia" and "JaiHind."

Trolls responded with comments like: "What nonsense. National flag, have certain respect" and "This is not your dupatta stupid, show some respect."

As always, the more sensible of Priyanka's fans have taken up cudgels on behalf of the actress while a response is awaited (or not) in typical Priyanka Chopra fashion.



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