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Prakash Raj Turns Headache For Team Rangasthalam!

Prakash Raj Turns Headache For Team Rangasthalam!

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is super talented but is ill disciplined in his profession is what film industry people say. He has a bad reputation of coming late to sets and bunking shoots. 

Prakash Raj who used to be very busy in the past is rarely seen on screen nowadays because of these reasons.

Directors like Trivikram and producers like Dil Raju too had given up on him and opting for other dedicated actors. 

Despite being aware of his ways directors sometimes insist on casting him as he can pull of any character at ease.

Sukumar roped in Prakash Raj for a key character in Rangasthalam and the actor has turned headache for the team.

Filming of Rangasthalam that is due for release on March 30 is yet to complete, courtesy Prakash Raj.

There is a scene to be shot on Prakash Raj and Aadhi Pinishetty on Feb 28. Aadhi cancelled his Vizag shoot on Sukumar's request and flew down to Hyderabad, but Prakash Raj didn't come.

Prakash Raj went to Mumbai on personal work and simply said sorry to Rangasthalam makers on phone.

Sukumar canned some suggestion shots using a dupe, but there are a few shots that needed Prakash Raj's presence. Even if Prakash Raj comes today, Aadhi has already left for Vizag. 

Prakash Raj has been busy with his #justasking campaign lately. He has been questioning the Government on various issues through social media.

People that are suffering because of him don't know whom to 'ask'! 



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