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Pradeep Video Against Drunk Driving Goes Viral!

Pradeep Video Against Drunk Driving Goes Viral!

Practice before you preach, goes the saying. But our celebrities flout the rules rather than following them, while they preach the same rules to others.

Take the example of popular Telugu television anchor M Pradeep, who was caught by the Jubilee Hills Traffic police during special enforcement drive taken up against drunk driving New Year eve on Monday.

A video of Pradeep giving a call to the youth not to drink and drive is going viral in the social media now.

In the video message which was shot in July 2017, Pradeep is found giving a lecture to all the people not to indulge in drinking of alcohol, which is a social evil.

He said youth should not consume alcohol and drive recklessly on the roads, since their families would be eagerly waiting for them at home.

He told them that drink driving is not only a crime but also avoidable in the best interest of the society.

And on December 31, Pradeep himself was found violating his own preaching. The anchor was caught at Jubilee Hills Road No 45, while driving his BMW car in a totally inebriated condition.

“He was totally drunk while driving the vehicle. His Blood Alcohol Concentration levels were 178 mg/ml,” said a police officer.

Police seized the vehicle and the anchor was asked to appear before counselling held on Tuesday.



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