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Poonam Kaur is At It Again

Poonam Kaur is At It Again

Poonam Kaur, who is in the news recently when Mahesh Katthi alleged that she’s special friendship with Pawan Kalyan, has been posting cryptic tweets.

It is not clear whether she is targeting Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Katthi or some other person.

Her tweets are too mysterious but it is evident that she is posting them to get attention from the targeted person.

However, the tweets are raising blood pressure of Pawan Kalyan’s fans. They say she is maligning their demigod’s image.

It was after Poonam called Mahesh Katthi a fatso, the critic made allegations that Poonam and Pawan have relationship and they even did pooja together.

Although he made peace with Pawan Kalyan’s fans and has stopped attacking the star, Poonam is not stopping her tweets.

She is still continuing the cryptic messages.



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