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Poonam Frustrated with No Appointment?

Poonam Frustrated with No Appointment?

Poonam Kaur has been waiting to get appointment with Pawan Kalyan to discuss how to respond on the allegations made by a critic.

In the meantime, the critic made peace with Pawan Kalyan's fans and stopped his relentless studio discussions. However, Poonam Kaur is not leaving the issue at all.

When the first allegations were made, she tweeted asking Pawan Kalyan to give her appointment to talk with him personally and later she deleted the tweet.

All through the controversy was raging on, she kept silent. Once the critic backed off, she has started tweeting in cryptic manner.

Despite all this, there seems to be no response from other end. So, Poonam is now in frustration. She said there is no value for honesty.

She tweeted, "Never knew the nature of being honest, sincere n committed would lead me into this kind of pressure, trust is something which has got extinct."

Poonam Kaur was earlier appointed as Brand Ambassador for AP Handlooms but AP government recently gave clarification that she was never given such job.

Poonam has now landed in embarrassing situation.



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