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Plan B Isn't Working For Agnyaathavaasi

Plan B Isn't Working For Agnyaathavaasi

Makers of Agnyaathavaasi used the last trick in the book by adding Venkatesh scenes to the theatrical cut to boost the collections during festival time.

But it doesn’t seem to be working as the film had a very ordinary first Sunday in spite of Bhogi festivities.

The film has been carrying disastrous word of mouth all over and adding seven minutes scenes cannot change its fate.

Actual plan was to add Venkatesh scenes in the second week as the makers never doubted the film to bomb at the box office.

They thought that adding scenes of Venkatesh in the second week would bring repeat audience to the theaters. But they added Venky scenes on Bhogi day just to make sure that Agnyaathavaasi doesn’t fall behind during the festival time.

Even fans are not bothered to watch the film again as there isn’t any noticeable growth in the collections on Sunday and Monday. It is likely to run into deficits in major centers after Tuesday.

Agnyaathavaasi in all likelihood is going to end up as an all time disaster with more than half of the investment yet to recover. 



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