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Pelli Choopulu Producers Yet To Get Paid?

Pelli Choopulu may have been a roaring hit but if the industry rumors are to be believed then the producers of the movie are yet to get their share from the profits.

The movie was released by Suresh Productions supposedly on a percentage basis. This is a problem that many small filmmakers have faced and will continue to face in the industry.

Their first challenge is to successfully complete a film, their second one is to get a decent release and in the unlikely event that their film becomes a success, it is an eternal wait for their money unless of course, they have sold the film outright.

Sources in the industry say that Raj Kandukuri, the producer need not expect anything from the success of the movie.

“He should look upon the movie just as a launch pad. The hit has given him an identity, a brand value and a market for his next film. That should suffice for him,” said a leading producer when asked about his response. That’s Tollywood for you!



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