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Pelli Choopulu Hero Turns Fake Baba

Vijay Devarakonda who scored a big blockbuster with Pelli Choopulu is coming up with a comedy thriller titled Dwaraka. It looks like a comedy film based on fake babas and the scams involved around it.

Theatrical trailer of Dwaraka gives clear idea about the plot of the film. Vijay turns into a fake baba for money but falls in love with Pooja Jhaveri and tries to lead a normal life. But Vijay cannot come out of the web easily as big money and influenced people are involved.

Plot sounds interesting but the trailer is poorly cut and looks ordinary, which may not excite the viewers.

Video: Watch Dwaraka Movie Trailer

Vijay Devarakonda playing the lead role will definitely raise expectations on Dwaraka. However, the trailer lacked punch that is a must for a small budget film to grab the attention of paying public.

Besides Vijay there are three P’s Prakash Raj, Prabhakar and Prudhvi to boost up the poster value for Dwaraka.

Can Vijay pull off another heist at the box office with a low budget film? If he could spring in another surprise with Dwaraka, Vijay will turn out to be the most sought after actor among the younger crop.



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