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Pawan To Make His Own Movies?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has announced that his next movie will be in the direction of S J Surya. And he declared that this movie, too, will be produced by Sharath Marar.

There is a talk that the subsequent movie of Pawan will be directed by Trivikram Srinivas, and this again will be produced by Sharath Marar.

The reason for choosing Sharath as his partner is said to be Pawan’s idea of making as much money as possible before he takes a plunge into full-time politics in next three years.

In fact, Trivikram and Pawan were supposed to make a movie under Mythri Movies banner. But they reportedly dropped the project and the advances were returned. There is a talk that Trivikram would take a share in the profits of the film. So, it will be now produced by Trivikram, Pawan and Sharath.

There is another rumour doing rounds in film circles. Trivikram’s own banner – Harika Hasini – will involve Pawan. Under this banner, Trivikram-Pawan are making their new film. So, the forthcoming films of Pawan will made with this trio combination.

Pawan was also supposed to make a film for PVP, but he had returned the part of advance he had taken and would settle the remaining amount as well.

But, what about the proposed film by Dasari Narayana Rao? Well, it may be there if the story is so good; otherwise, it also will not see the light of the day.



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