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Pawan Kalyan to Return Advance Amount!

Pawan Kalyan clearly said he has no interest in doing movies at present.

As per sources in Jana Sena party, the star is serious about his political tours this time since the indication from Delhi is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going for early polls (in December this year).

He will be focusing on strengthening his party and pooling party funds now.

It is also said that Pawan Kalyan has also informed the producers who have given him advance amounts that he would either return them shortly or adjust it later.

Producer A M Rathnam was hoping to start Pawan Kalyan’s film immediately and he also made Tamil director Neesan prepare the script.

On the other hand, Mythri Movie Makers have bought the remake rights of a Tamil movie to produce it with Pawan Kalyan. They have to drop their pans now.



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