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Pawan Kalyan Bears Rarest Look!

So far, no Telugu hero has dared to project his actual age on screen. Most of our 50-plus heroes cover up their age and try to look younger so as to get the lover boy image. They sport wigs or dye their hair even off screen.

So, amongst all these characters, Pawan is going to stand out with his real look on screen. In his forthcoming film being directed by S J Surya, it is now more or less confirmed that Pawan is going to give a pepper look.

He is not going to dye his hair, but will be seen in his real looks. He is going to sport white and white dress with grey hair in this film, based on faction love story. To say precisely, he resembles the character of Tamil star Ajit in “Veerudokkade” film.

Ajit is the only hero who presents pepper look in the South Indian film industry and he does not want to hide his age. He selects only those stories which present him naturally.

So, Pawan is also following the footsteps of Ajit, whose Veerudokkade film is being remade in Telugu. And Pawan is going to look naturally in this film!



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