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Pawan Kalyan and RGV: The War Continues!

This is not that first time that Pawan Kalyan is making scathing comments on Ram Gopal Varma. Two years ago, Pawan Kalyan also made similar comments against RGV who trolled him then. And now he attacked RGV harshly by raking up RGV's habit of watching porn movies at this age.

Ram Gopal Varma has earned a great name in trolling celebrities. He has unique way of trolling if he is praising anyone with all kind of superlatives that means he is actually criticising them.

If RGV praises a Bollywood or Tollywood movie comparing with the likes of movies made by Hollywood directors like James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, he is actually trolling the movie. Ram Gopal Varma has used all this tricks in "praising", criticising and trolling Pawan Kalyan and other mega heroes.

The mega family that ignored him first has started attacking RGV of late. It was Naga Babu who attacked on RGV on public stage and called him "Akkupakshi".

Later in media interviews, Megastar Chiranjeevi supported Naga Babu's views. Then Ram Gopal Varma made scathing attack on Naga Babu with his tweets and termed Naga Babu a failure in life and in career.

Pawan Kalyan now brushed off RGV as a filthy person who should not be taken seriously. So, mega heroes don't want to be silent on the filmmaker's constant Twitter war. But RGV is not one who keeps silent. He would unleash more vitriol tweets on PK now.

To be fair, neither Pawan Kalyan's political speeches nor Ram Gopal Varma's tweets make any sound sense. But they provide "entertainment" for people.



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