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Paisa Vasool: Who will Bear the Losses?

By the second weekend, it is pretty obvious that “Paisa Vasool” has totally lost its steam. It is now evident that all the distributors put together will be losing nearly Rs 18 cr on their investment.

Now, comes the big question. Who will be bearing the losses -- distributors or the producer?

Producer V Ananda Prasad closed the business with profits prior to the film's release. However, now that the film is a huge disaster, all the distributors will be losing more than 50 per cent of their investment.

There is general practice that in case a film flops, then the loss is borne by producer, hero and the director, if the distributors lose more than 50 per cent of their investment.

While Puri has been claiming that Balakrishna has agreed to do another film with him, distributors are swearing at him for their predicament.

V Ananda Prasad hoped to make good money on the film, but he is now in a mess. Meanwhile, Puri has taken off on a holiday. He will be returning next week to the city and probably once he is back, money matters will be discussed.



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