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Overseas Audience Discard Bruce Lee

Overseas Audience Discard Bruce Lee

Some times hype really kills a film, especially if it does not match up to the expectations of the audiences.

Now, Bruce Lee was hyped a lot. For starters, it had Ram Charan and the new IT girl of Tollywood Rakul Preet Singh.

Then the biggest bumper offer for mega fans was the cameo by megastar himself. Though it was said that he will have at least 15 minutes in the film, the role was cut short to around 3 minutes finally.

Unfortunately, the story by Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan was a huge disaster and Sreenu Vaitla's '80s style didn't help either.

Though Ram Charan is the only saving grace of the film, the film did not impress the audiences, both mass and class. And that was the case not only in both Telugu-speaking states, but also in the US market.

In the past, Ram Charan's Govindudu Andari Vaadele made $ 666,827 and now Bruce Lee which released last week with a lot of hungama and was released in a lot of theatres managed to make only $600000.

Though Sreenu Vaitla is a salable director in the US, he shocked his fans with the badly made film.

And here's a quick look at what other Telugu releases made in recent times... 

Rudrama Devi topped the collections with $9,03,753; Bhale Bhale Magadivoi made $14,27,092 for a small film and Subramanyam For Sale made $1,57,343.



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