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Opinion: Namratha Killed Brahmotsavam

Namrata is key player in selecting the projects for Mahesh Babu. She is also heard on taking a pivotal role planning the pre release and post release promotions.

Though Mahesh Babu allots whole of his time only for production and on the spot output enhancements, off the camera every step taken in the process of film publicity has to be endorsed by Namrata.

In fact, she spoke in personal with press people during ‘Srimanthudu’ release times and pushed the film’s success closer to ‘Baahubali.’

Interestingly, Namrata again stood as principal decision maker in ‘Brahmotsavam’ publicity matters but this time failed miserably in performing her job to perfection.

For a film like ‘Srimanthudu’ which had solid content and Koratala Siva’s amazing direction, Namrata had a lesser role to play. This movie was opened to tremendous positive reviews. Had Namrata missed the promotions, there was no big threat. 

For ‘Brahmotsavam,’ the case was different. The film opened to piteous reviews and disgraceful public talk. So, this is right challenge for Namrata to rectify the damage.

Instead of controlling the grievous talk spreading across Telugu population, Namrata and PVP team stood numb. Resultantly, media agencies like Indian Express expressed the views so boldly attacking the very roots of Mahesh Babu’s stardom. 

What Namrata has done for ‘Srimanthudu’ was of lesser use than what she hasn’t done for ‘Brahmotsavam.’ Rather than hiding from media persons, there was a minute space for Namrata and PVP’s publicity team to keep a tab on negative promotions spreading through all forms of media but they lost the opportunity of minting few more crores with their inactive approach. 

When you think you will never have a chance, things change and they will always do… when it comes though you have to grab it with both hands. Losing the hope and dropping the shoulders from Namrata’s side should be blamed first because ‘Brahmotsavam’ scaled down from the level of a flop to dishonorable disaster.

If you are ready to share the credits in success, be ready for the same in failure times too. Madamji, a lesson learnt.

Written By GreatAndhra Reader

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