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'Oopiri' Is Nag's Biggest

Oopiri is all set to be the biggest budgeted film in the career of Nagarjuna at Rs 60 crore.

Starring Karthi and Nagarjuna in the lead roles, the movie is a remake of the French film, ‘The Intouchables’ and is directed by Vamsi Pydapalli.

Even though it is a bilingual, nevertheless, Rs 60 crore has never been invested earlier on any film of Nagarjuna or Karthi for that matter.

The interesting thing is that the budget was decided even before the release of ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. So the producers had no inkling that ‘Soggade’ would go on to become such a big hit. They merely trusted in the contents of the script narrated by Vamsi.

The success of ‘SCN’ has only be termed as divine providence for it has created a huge market for ‘Oopiri’. 



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