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Only Openings, No Happenings For Him!

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has been adopting a technique of late: get into media limelight by taking up a controversial subject for his film; and making those interested in the subject rush to theatres. This is what he has adopted for his latest film Vangaveeti.

Those who watched the film say that RGV has little knowledge on Vijayawada politics and even if he does, he has no guts to make the film reflecting facts.

At present, he is facing criticism for targeting a weak family and glorifying the rival group. Since the subject is very curious to the people of coastal Andhra, Vangaveeti could get excellent openings, but it fell flat within a couple of days as viewers realised that there is no substance in the film.

With the bursting of Vangaveeti bubble, it is now pretty clear that nobody would take Ram Gopal Varma seriously, despite his statement that he would make only good films in future.

To give the devil its due, Varma picks up good subjects at right time, but he is failing miserably to get them click. Had he spent sufficient time on working out the scrips and produced quality films as he had done in the past, he would have still been a sensational director.

Critics say his films are lacking in quality because he is banking on low-quality technical crew than quality team.



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