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One Relationship Was True, Others Were Rumours

There is an age-old saying which says that there will be no smoke without fire. Well, Nayantara refuses to concede.

She says 99 per cent of news about her relationships are untrue. However, the Malayalee beauty does confess that she did fall in love with one man (read Prabhu Deva) in her life. But all other stories were just rumours, says she.

The curiosity is understandable as she is a heroine and people tend to get curious about her love life. Naturally, people would want to put two and two together and come up with interesting gossip says she.

She says a girl next door could have many affairs, but the heroines are always linked to some hero or the other and media writes about all kinds of incidents.

“Sometimes, I am amused by what is written about my love life. That’s because only I know what I am and who I am,” says Nayanatara.



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