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Old Rivals Madhuri, Sridevi Ignore Each Other?

Trust professional rivals to remain rivals despite being out of the race. Well, both Sridevi and Madhuri are still well respected and loved in the industry, but they are definitely not the divas they once used to be.

Both of them had temporarily retired and returned to play roles that suit their age.

Though its years since they last met, we are told that they happened to be at an awards nite recently. Well, their rivalry from the ’80s is well-known but it is said that neither of them tried to break the ice nor did they bother to share the same space.

In fact, we are told that Madhuri entered the venue at 10.30 pm along with her husband Shriram Nene walking the red carpet and posing for the cameras.

And Sridevi left the party with Boney Kapoor minutes after Madhuri made her entry.

Though the actresses walked past each other, they simply looked away and those present say that the cold vibes were hard to ignore.



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