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NTR, Work on The Script Please!

Bigg Boss made lot of news ever since it was revealed that NTR would be hosting it. Amidst lot of hype, the first episode was aired on Sunday.

True to the hype, the channel showcased rich production values and classy making. But NTR’s show was undeniably marred by poor script.

NTR in his debut stint as TV host made people sit up in and enjoy the proceedings, but his lengthy show soon started to turn boring as the script lacked material.

The script should have been wittier, colloquial. It also lacked drama. Though NTR tried his best to make it exciting, the hollow script got tiresome mid-way.

Let’s hope that NTR and the team of Bigg Boss will take care of this in the next episode to avoid the show turning into damp squib. But NTR needs to spice it up and lace it with gripping lines.



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