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NTR Scared Of Babai Nandamuri Bala Krishna!

The war between Bala Krishna and NTR has reached to the peak and Bala Krishna is not ready for any compromise. Though there were recent reports in the media that NTR and Bala Krishna had an understanding and resolved their differences, the scene is actually quite different.

One can see how tensed NTR is these days with the tweet fiasco he made on Monday night - by expressing his predicament about Nannaku Prematho's release and later claiming his twitter handle was compromised.

Reality is the differences between Babai and Abbayi have further been intensified. In fact, Nandamuri Bala Krishna is no mood to excuse NTR, according to our sources. He reportedly told all the distributors of his movie Dictator not to buy Nannaku Prematho.

Despite the fact they belong to the same Nandamuri clan, Bala Krishna and NTR never had a good relationship except for a brief period - just before 2009 elections.

Five years later their shaky relationship hit the bottom with the reports coming that NTR was going to support YSRC Party in 2014.

Although NTR didn't canvass for Jagan's party and remained faithful to Telugu Desam Party in public sphere, Bala Krishna still nurses the grouse against abbayi and he has vowed to teach NTR a lesson.

Sometime ago, Kalyan Ram who is very close to Bala Krishna tried his best to bring both NTR and Balayya together and resolve their differences but it reportedly didn't work out.

NTR and Kalyan Ram, the brothers, in the recent times have become much closer to each other. Let’s wait and watch how this drama unfolds further or ends.

Meanwhile, scared of Bala Krishna and his fans, the producers of Nannaku Prematho have now reportedly pushed their movie to January end.



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