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NTR Gets Trolled On Twitter

NTR Gets Trolled On Twitter

NTR Jr. is so thrilled about Jai character that he played in his upcoming film Jai Lava Kusa. He stated that Jai is one of the toughest roles of his career.

Modeled after Ravanasura, NTR played Jai with uniqueness to it. His dialogues with stutter have already become a rage across Telugu states.

Producer Kalyan Ram revealed that NTR was so involved in the character that he used to sleep walk at nights and behave like Jai.

NTR’s wife was so worried about him at one point of time, he told. Even NTR told the same during an interview to a media house.

Although fans are excited to learn about NTR’s involvement in playing Jai, anti-fans are having a field day with NTR’s claims.

Trolls started to attack NTR post that interview with funny memes and video clips. There were numerous troll tweets on the topic that have gone viral on Twitter.

Neither the actor nor his fans need not be bothered about the fuss because it is very common for an actor to get too much involved in the character and at times may struggle to come out of it.



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