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NTR Fans Targeting Media Houses

One massive success has emboldened the fans of NTR and they have now become aggressive online. Before the release of 'Janatha Garage', his fans were with low confidence and tired of waiting for one big hit for their favorite star.

As "Janatha Garage" joined the club of Rs 70 Cr in Tollywood, they have started celebrating as well as targeting other fans and anybody who comment against NTR or his movie.

Recently the fans have circulated posters of "RIP Maa TV" and also trolled a News Channel journalist over tweets from his fake twitter handle.

As Maa TV aired the promo that "Janatha Garage" would be telecast soon, the fans became enraged and started tweeting against Maa TV for spoiling the movie's prospects at theatres.

They wanted the channel to wait till it completes 100 days run in movie theatres but the channel has no such plans of waiting.

On the other hand, Jaffer, a news channel reporter, tweeted that the collections of "Janatha Garage" were fake. So the fans went on offensive mode but it turned out that the twitter handle of the journalist is totally fake.

Looks like  NTR's fans are unable to handle the success of "Janatha Garage" and have become acrimonious online.



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