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Now Media Houses Filing cases on Pawan Kalyan

With Pawan Kalyan not showing restraint in attacking TV9 and ABN, the channels are now filing criminal cases on the actor turned politician who heads Jana Sena party.

Pawan Kalyan on his social media platform shared a video of TV9 that has Sri Reddy uttering ‘MC’ word. However, TV9 says the video is doctored clip.

As per the channel's version, they didn’t telecast the abusive language Sri Reddy used. We put beep sound when Sri Reddy uttered ‘MC’, the channel says. But Pawan Kalyan posted a video that has audio of ‘MC’.

The news channel says it is clear that he is defaming the news outlet. The channel representatives are said to have registered a criminal case against Pawan Kalyan in Banjara Hills police station for circulating morphed videos. Similarly, ABN channel also sent notices to Pawan Kalyan.

On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma is now attacking Pawan Kalyan in vociferous manner with his tweets in support of TV9. He has now joined hands with the media houses to corner the Jana Sena leader. 

Meanwhile, Sri Reddy in her Facebook post said she would take her agitation to ‘ikyaraja samithi’ (United Nations). No, this is not humor post, she said on serious note!



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