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Now Allu Arjun Heads In Different Direction

Now Allu Arjun Heads In Different Direction

Allu Arjun arguably has the best success rate among his contemporary heroes. His planning, execution and perfection are the main reasons for Allu Arjun’s successful journey so far.

He always believed in directors and made sure to have either experienced or most happening directors at the helm.

While all other big stars are sticking with star filmmakers, Allu Arjun has changed his game plan now.

Allu Arjun is looking for different scripts and ideas from debutant filmmakers. He has the star power to pull audience to the theaters now.

He doesn’t need a star director to bring craze to his project. So Allu Arjun is now open for new directors with fresh ideas.

After Vakkantam Vamsi he has already waved green to another debutant director. Allu Arjun is not keen on doing movies with star directors as they tend to play safe in the commercial format.

With the changing mindset of audience, it is extremely important for star heroes to come up with different scripts. Before other big stars realize this, Bunny is already there exploring new waters.



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