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Nothing Happened to Ravi Teja, Clarifies Director

Director Kalyan Krishna who is currently directing Ravi Teja for ‘Nela Ticket’ has put an end to all the rumors floating around. It was said that Ravi Teja fell sick and was advised bed rest for three weeks.

When a Ravi Teja fan brought up the topic, director Kalyan Krishna categorically said nothing was wrong with the star.

“Nothing happened… all false news .. don’t worry.. he is damn perfect as always,” he tweeted.

Even before the release of his recent dud “Touch Chesi Chudu”, Ravi Teja signed Kalyan Krishna’s film and began shooting for it. Major portions of the film are already done.

Ravi Teja lost a lot of weight about a year ago. Since then rumors about his health have been doing rounds.

For some time now, Ravi Teja has been saying that he is perfectly alright. The weight loss was due to work outs at the gym and not due to ill health, he had said.



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