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No Telugu Release For Vishal Movie?

Despite dubbing and releasing all his movies in Telugu also, Tamil hero Vishal hasn't had any success of late at the box-office.

His last films (produced by Vishal himself and released by him in Telugu) ‘Pooja’ and ‘Magamaharaju’ did not fare well.

Another film of his in Tamil is now nearing completion. The movie titled ‘Payam Puli’ is directed by Suseendran who earlier directed Vishal in ‘Pandiyanadu’.  However, Vishal is not the producer of this film. Hence, it is doubtful if the producers will release this film in Telugu.

Had Vishal been the producer, undoubtedly the Telugu dubbing works would have been started a long time ago. He is one hero who manages decent openings in Telugu too. But this time around, it is anyone’s guess whether ‘Payam Puli’ will release in Telugu.



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