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No Remuneration for Ram Gopal Varma?

No Remuneration for Ram Gopal Varma?

It was Nagarjuna who gave life to Ram Gopal Varma way back in 1989 with Shiva, which was directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

The film was not only a huge success, but it set a new trend in south India. At the time, Ramu became an overnight sensation and he never looked back till Govinda Govinda.

After the film, he swore not to make a film in Telugu and moved to Bollywood. There he became one the most respected and sought-after film-makers in India.

Although Ramu has lost his Midas touch now, his films still trigger controversies and make headlines. So why then did Nagarjuna choose to work with Ramu at this point in time?

The answer to this million dollar question is that he is said to have been bowled over by the storyline narrated by Ramu, which is inspired by a Hollywood blockbuster that is a few years old.

Nagarjuna's character has been developed based on the film. But Nagarjuna being an equally shrewd businessman, will not be paying any remuneration to Ram Gopal Varma.

Instead, Nagarjuna has offered him a package deal. So, from the money given, Ramu must take care of all costs including payments for cast and crew. And whatever remains will go to Ramu.

Since Ramu can wrap up a film in just three months, Nagarjuna will be in a safe zone as the producer. He can easily get his profits from the satellite rights and digital rights.

So, it's a win-win situation for both the players.



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