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No Influence Of Baahubali On Baahubali 2

We have been hearing reports about team Baahubali making so many changes to the original script of Baahubali 2 after seeing the gigantic success of the first part.

Writer Vijayendra Prasad denied the news and made it clear that they are not making any changes to the script.

“We all sat to discuss about Baahubali 2 after the first part created sensation. We decided to stick to the original script and only did some polishing here and there,” Vijayendra Prasad told.

He says there is no inspiration behind Baahubali script. “Rajamouli wanted to a costume drama with Prabhas with mostly grey characters. I started writing characters and creating situations between them. That is how Baahubali happened.”

“Kattappa killing Baahubali is the first scene I wrote for this film. That was the first scene I narrated to Rajamouli. I kept on writing interesting scenes and weaved a story around it,” veteran writer has revealed the facts behind Baahubali script.

He also said that he has forty to fifty stories ready with him at the moment!



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