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Nithin Pays Price For Miscalculation

Nithin erred in judging the games that his competitors could play. Despite his well-wishers warning him not to fight with other releases on August 11 as his film lacked mass elements, he blindly believed his director and father.

He was caught in a catch-22 situation as not getting into the fray would have meant that he did not believe in his film. So he had to give in.

"LIE" needed a single window at box-office and audiences need time to prepare for such a subject. After acting in romantic and family-oriented movies, Nithin did a spy film that is not something that general public are used to. Moreover, there is no entertainment element. 

Such movies require proper planning and need to be released when there are no other films. Now, the film is in third position when compared to other films and this has impacted his image as a star. Popularity-wise, Nithin is ahead of Rana and Bellamkonda Srinivas. But now his film is behind their films.

When Rana went all out to promote his movie, Nithin kept his promotions simple. So, there too his calculations went wrong, say the trade pundits.



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