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Nithin Evades Question's About Samantha

Samantha has openly declared that she is in deep love with a Tollywood hero and she would be marrying him. Since then speculations are rife about the hero's name.

Media wanted to know the answer from her good friend and co-star of "A Aa" but Nithin didn't reveal her boyfriend's name.

"She is a very good friend to me but I don't ask any questions about her personal life. It is not my business," he replied, avoiding the spill. But he concluded that 'reporters must have known about him'.

Buzz in the industry is that Nithin shares good friendship with both Samantha and her lover (he is also a Tollywood young hero).

Grapevine has it that director Trivikram told her not to talk anything about her personal love life during the movie promotions. He doesn't want the focus shift from movie to her love life.

Samantha has already tweeted that she won't talk about her marriage for some more time.



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