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New Problems For Baahubali Team

Baahubali films got pan-India recognition and had successful run all over India. Despite it's huge success, the film is a thing of the past and the film's team is slowly getting on to other projects.

But they are now facing a unique problem -- that of shrugging off the tremendous expectations following Baahubali's success.

Rajamouli is finding it rather tricky to decide on a script. After handling a subject like Baahubali, Rajamouli now wants to slow down and do a regular commercial film. But he is unable to figure out as to how he can give a pan-India appeal to such a film.

On the other hand, Prabhas too is having a similar problem. The preparation for his next film Saaho was supposed to start when Baahubali was on the sets. But given the scale of Baahubali, everything else got postponed.

Now, Prabhas too is stuck trying to make his film work in other languages. One attempt was to get a heroine from up north. Still the team of Saaho is not sure about the story's appeal reaching out to Indian audiences at large.

Had it been targetted at Telugu audiences, Saaho would have been half complete by now, say unit members.



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