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Netizens Verdict On Anushka's Bhaagamathie

Anushka’s film Bhaagamathie is going great guns at the box office. The film has posted sensational numbers in its opening weekend.

It has recovered nearly eighty percent of its estimated pre release theatrical valuation just in three days. It is all set to achieve hit status in a day or two.

While Bhaagamathie is enjoying a wonderful run at the theaters what is the netizens take on it?

In our poll more than seventy three percent participants voted it as hit and only seven percent voted against it. Remaining felt it is average.

The verdict is loud and clear that majority likes the film and that is reflecting in its box office numbers.

Poll: Bhaagamathie Movie Verdict

It is set to become a super hit as the Monday trends are very good, which is a bright sign.

The film should hold well for few more days even with Touch Chesi Chudu and Chalo lined up for this Friday. 



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