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Nela Ticket Trailer: Raviteja's Routine Stuff!

Nela Ticket Trailer: Raviteja's Routine Stuff!

Looks like Raviteja is offering yet another routine commercial entertainer with Nela Ticket. Theatrical trailer of Nela Ticket doesn’t offer any novelty.

It has the regular template of a hero, heroine, villain, romance, comedy, emotions and action.

Raviteja’s characterization, dialogues and his performance looks dated and very routine in whatever that is shown in the trailer.

Director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala got away with routine stuff in his previous film Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam. Apparently, he has stick with the template film that has worked n times with Raviteja before.

However, filmgoers of late are not entertaining routine stuff. Raviteja’s previous film Touch Chesi Chudu was turned down for the same reason.

Hope there is better entertainment and a bit of novelty in Nela Ticket that didn’t make it to the trailer. As far as teaser trailers go, Nela Ticket is a dampener.

The film bankrolled by SRT Entertainments is gearing up for release on May 25.



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