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#NBK101: Balakrishna 10 Cr + Remaining 25 Cr

Rs. 35 crore is the budget estimate for NBK101, said our sources. Balakrishna is being paid Rs. 10 crore for the first time in his career and Puri should complete the remaining film in Rs. 25 crore that also includes his remuneration.

If the budget of the film escalates then Puri will have to bear it from his remuneration as per the deal.

This will definitely work out for the producer as the pre release theatrical business will be anything over Rs. 40 crore. It will fetch minimum 10 crore from satellite and other video/audio rights.

So this is surely a profitable project for the makers if Puri completes it within the estimated budget.

However, it remains to be seen whether Puri Jagan can make quality product within the restricted budget or not.

He will have sacrifice a lot from his paycheck if he does not compromise on the quality.



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