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Nayan gives a damn!

The original name of Nayanthara is Diana Mariam Kurian. She was born a Christian. 

But after falling in love with Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara embraced Hinduism for the sake of Prabhu Deva. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t lead to marriage and Nayan is now single again. 

Recently, she is said to have returned from a trip to the Himalayas attired in traditional saffron robes of the Hindu, for peace of mind. 

Nayan was a regular church goer before her conversion. Apparently, the Church elders are miffed at her behavior and have decided to officially ex-communicate her, if she comes to Kerala. 

But it is said that Nayan who gained immense appreciation for her portrayal of Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam doesn’t seem to care one bit at all. 

She is a lady who lives on her own terms, religion or no religion!



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