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Nara Rohith Continue To Stay Flabby!

This is era where even normal people are very conscious of their looks and are fascinated about keeping fit and fab. But we have some heroes in Tollywood who don't give a damn about their body as they entered the industry with a cinema and political background.

Nara Rohith who is son of AP Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu's brother has earned a good name as actor with the choice of his scripts in the beginning.

After getting good name with those movies, he started neglecting his body. Although critics have been pointing this regularly and mentioning in all the reviews, Nara Rohith is not worrying about it.

In the recently released trailer of "Jyo Achyutananda", he is looking too heavy. Especially as lean Naga Shourya is standing beside him in every frame, Nara Rohith is looking odd.

It is time that he should hit the gym and lose all the flab and turn fab. Or in no time people would call him Tollywood's Prabhu (the yesteryear's Tamil star who ruled the 80's with his rotund body).



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