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Nani's Rise To Stardom Worries Star Kids

Nani's Rise To Stardom Worries Star Kids

It is not easy for somebody who has no filmy background to enter into Telugu cinema industry and become a star. Only a few were able to achieve that in the past.

After Chiranjeevi, Raviteja it is Naveen Babu Ganta alias Nani, who has become a star against all the odds.

With Nenu Local, Nani has proved his potential as a star. Opening collections of Nenu Local speaks volumes about Nani’s crowd pulling capabilities.

He has won the trust of the audience with his smart choice of scripts and acting capabilities. He can make an average film watchable with his comedy timing and performance.

Nenu Local is just a rehash of many hits like Idiot and Cinema Chupista Maava, but it has turned out to be a big hit all because of Nani and his impeccable comedy timing.

There was a time when future looked bleak for the talented actor, but he has learnt the lesson and bounced back strong from that. He realized that script should be the main asset for his film and not been compromising on the quality of the script.

Nani is making sure to have loads of entertainment in his movies so that audience doesn’t leave the theaters dissatisfied. With this mantra he has turned into a force to be reckoned with.

Star kids and the mid range heroes are alerted by Nani’s rise to stardom. There is no place for complacency now as Nani could walk away with their opportunities.

Producers will be running after Nani as he guarantees minimum guarantee returns for them. Even young directors and script writers will be trying their luck with Nani. It will get harder for other heroes to find better scripts if Nani becomes the first choice for everyone.



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