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Nani To Have Another Release This Year?

At one time, Ravi Teja used to churn out a movie for every three or four months. He was then known as "express hero" but now he has lost that craze and started doing films one movie per a year. In fact, he hasn't participated in shooting for the last ten months. But now we have another Ravi Teja. Nani has replaced his position.

Nani is now releasing movies for every four months. This year he has already released two movies - "Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha" and "Gentleman" and both of them turned out to be hits. This month he will also be releasing "Majnu", a love story directed by Virinchi Varma of "Uyyala Jampala".

With the release of "Majnu", he will already have three releases this year. But he won't be stopping at there. Going by the reports, Nani is planning to release another film "Nenu Local" this December. The film has already completed 50 percent of its shoot.

So he will have fourth release too in 2016. Or he would continue fighting for it?



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