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Namrata To Sell Hussain Paiting For Charity

Many celebrities are associated with social causes and charity work. Some of them make a huge hue and cry about their activities while others silently go about their work.

Similarly, some donate funds from their purse, while others organize shows or other events to collect funds to support charity.

Mahesh Babu’s wife Namrata Shirodkar falls into the later category. She believes in selling her old stuff in order to raise money for destitute children. While it is a good effort, some feel she can easily donate lakhs of rupees from her personal funds.

But those who know Namrata closely say that she is quite tight-fisted when it comes to money. Apparently, she counts every single penny before paying her household staff. So, they say she will never give her money.

Recently, Namrata decided to sell a painting of MF Hussain which was presented by the late painter to her sister Shilpa Shirodkar during the making of Gaja Gamini. Hussain painting will surely fetch her princely amount. And Namrata intends to donate all the money for charity.

While she is happy with her plan, industry insiders feel that Mahesh and his wife are rich enough to donate for causes close to their hearts.



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