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Nagarjuna Takes Control Over Akhil

Nagarjuna is not so happy about how his son's debut movie turned out in the end. Nagarjuna believed in Akhil’s choice and gave away full freedom to VV Vinayak as the director had immense experience.

However things didn’t go as planned and Akhil ended up a disaster. Nagarjuna took control over Akhil’s career for the moment.

“You should be different from others. Why would anyone come to see your movie when you are doing something that others have been doing for years? I did Geetanjali that is entirely different from the trend to get my own identity. So you should do something that is different from the usual,” is what Nagarjuna told Akhil Akkineni after Akhil.

Nagarjuna decided to do a movie each for Akhil and Naga Chaitanya that puts them in the big league. Nagarjuna is not signing up any movies now as he is focusing on the careers of his sons.

Nagarjuna is known as a trendsetter and introduced so many talented directors to the industry. He is known for taking risky decisions and springing in surprises by backing out of the box ideas.

Akhil and Naga Chaitanya could deliver big hits with Nag taking control.



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